Retency Anonymous Mobile Ads Statistics
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Retency, a French corporation, provides its clients with anonymous statistics about attendance of physical places - malls, train and subway stations, stores, Smart Cities - and advertising campaign exposition and efficiency.

Retency has obtained an official authorization by the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libert├ęs (CNIL), the French privacy regulator, and was cited by the CNIL in their annual report.

Offered solutions allow Retency's clients to improve their service and understand the efficiency of their commercial and marketing actions.

In order to measure campaign efficiency, Retency collects and anonymizes information about campaign execution, namely impression and click tracking, including advertising identifiers of users who see the campaign (IDFA on iOS, Advertising ID on Android).

Retency acts as data controller.

For further information about Retency data processings, please send us a mail to

Although statistics are anonymous, you can choose not to participate in them and opt-out of the data collection:

The Retency Team

Retency privacy policy for in-store data collection (FR)